Pendo Karate Fights For

May 9, 2016by pendokarate

“Fight not, but for.” Our motto states what we do and that Pendo Karate is more than punching, and kicking. Pendo is applying Martial Art to overcoming problems, and life challenges. Pendo applies strategies, and resources to do what is right and good. We act, and we affect in positive ways. Also, as in all art, Pendo raises our consciousness and purpose in life.

Pendo Karate is also a community of thousands of teachers, students, parents, and friends, existing as a result of 23 years of service. We are a tremendous resource and organization. Through our efforts together we can fight for worthy causes, and help to solve great problems. Pendo Karate Fights For is our effort to help others who are confronted with life or health challenges like Autism, Cancer, or Family Loss. It is also a way for former members to rekindle friendships and reunite with our present community for good causes.
Our first campaign is to fundraise for The Doug Flutie Jr. Foundation for Autism. This organization was selected for the quality of its programming, and the high percentage of funds directly applied to its services. Refer to for a comprehensive overview of its goals and programs.
Our goal is to sell at least 150 shirts by May 31 for this worthy organization, and for those for whom it serves. To meet this goal, we are fundraising through the sale of Pendo Karate Fights For T-shirts and hoodies, easily purchased online at All profits from the sale will be forwarded to The Flutie Foundation. To complement the sales of our T-Shirts and hoodies, Booster also accepts personal and business tax deductable contributions.
Visit Booster to make a donation or buy a shirt.
Students, parents, and friends, I am honored to know and work with all of you in this effort. Pendo Karate Fights For reveals who we really are, and the good we can do together.
Yours truly,
Al Gargiulo
Director, Pendo Karate