Balance is a beautiful thing. With balance we stand, without balance we fall. It’s pretty simple, but often not so¦

Overall fitness and joy require a mastery of balance. To do so, it is important to understand that balance is multidimensional, and it exists in many forms. Through physical balance, we maintain our center, and use our ability to stand, walk, dance, and move freely. With mental balance we grow, perceive clearly, and overcome challenges. Emotional balance is vital in managing reason with passion, and joy with sorrow. Overall balance is our physical, mental, and emotional states functioning as one.  When we are out of balance in one state, we are out of balance overall.

Pendo Karate practice is a way to develop multi-faceted balance. Aikido’s founder Eushiba Morihei emphasized how martial art does so, saying, a good stance and posture reflects a proper state of mind. Team Pendo emphasizes how winning and losing well also requires strong balance.

My intention is not to preach but merelyAikido's Founder, Morihei Ueshiba state that if we and our kids are to flourish, we must have good balance throughout our lives. A constant awareness of when we are in, and when we are out of balance, is required. So practice balance in it’s many forms, for the freedom, ability, and power that good balance provides. When we grow in one form, we grow in the others as well. For good physical balance, practice physical balance.  Stand more, walk more, do kata and other sports.  Stretch throughout the day, learn yoga, or just balance on one foot while putting on your socks!

To practice mental and emotional balance, rest and relax. Turn the television, iPad, or phone off.  Walk, meditate, read, play, and do things that you like to do. Learn, do new things, get into the flow, and feel yourself grow. Don’t sweat the small stuff, and make every day count.  Find meaning and purpose in everything that you do.  Give and serve more.

When you’re bummed out, work out, and remember that physical activity changes your states of mind and emotion.

Good balance is a matter of doing, to stand tall. Not doing, causes you to fall.