Got Pain?

August 21, 2019by Sensei Al

The other night, I watched a TV commercial for people with arthritis, sciatica, and spinal stenosis…
…people just like me!
The ad was motivating us to use minimal surgeries to relieve our chronic body pains…
I thought…
…yes, minimal surgeries can, and do relieve spinal and hip pain,
… but often they do not address the causes of the pain.
Generally, pain resulting from improper posture, lack of strength, and inflexibility, will not improve through surgery. Also, and very importantly, there are always risks with surgery.
Pain medications also relieve back, hip, shoulder, and neck pain. They are effective and relatively safe for a short term, but they are not recommended, and even detrimental to your health with long term use.
As with surgery, does the pain reliever’s benefits outweigh its risks? Similarly, pain relievers do not address many of the causes of the pain.
I am not a doctor, and I am encouraging anyone with sustained bodily pain to determine the cause through a doctor’s physical examination. Also, I am not trying to persuade anyone with serious nerve or musculoskeletal conditions to disregard their doctor’s instructions or advice. I absolutely understand that certain conditions do require surgeries and appropriate medications. I have had hip replacement surgery, and I have taken pain medications to address injuries and arthritis.
I have learned however, that Tai Chi can be a very effective component in relieving spinal, neck, hip, shoulder, and knee pain…
…because it addresses many of the causes of chronic pain conditions.
Extensive medical research studies support these claims.
My experience is that Tai Chi effectively helps me manage pain, and relieve stress. It also provides me increased energy, strength, and flexibility.
I truly believe that Tai Chi should at least be tried by anyone who suffers from sustained pain…
… especially if they are using pain medications daily…
…and before undergoing any surgery.

Sensei Al

I love teaching and watching others grow. Directing The PLS Teen Course for The Positive for Life Foundation enables me to serve and benefit the lives of the scholarship recipients. In the natural environment at The NJ School of Conservation, I instill in the students valuable principles that will grow and benefit their characters, and their human potentials. It is very important work. It is very rewarding work.