[Week of April 4, 2020] Advanced 1/2

April 3, 2020by pendokarate

Stretch/Warm Up (10 seconds in each position)

  • Brown belts: 3 sets of crunches (crunches, bicycles, both knees up) and 30-60 seconds low-plank
  • Add pushups back into your routine, starting with 15 today (Remember GOOD FORM)


  • Practice your five highest katas (reference the kata videos on the website)
  • Focus on proper stances! Remember to hit hard!

Stationary Kicks (10 kicks each leg)

Front Kicks

Inside Out Crescent Kicks

Round House Kicks

Walking Back Kicks

Cardio (30 seconds for each exercise)

  • Bear Crawls (Crawl on hands and feet)
  • Fast alternating knee strikes above belt level (High Knees!)
  • Fast alternating punches using Punching Bag, Pillow, Pad or any acceptable hitting target.


Leave any comments, questions or requests in the comments section below!