[Week of April 13, 2020] Advanced 1/2

April 14, 2020by pendokarate


Stretch/Warm Up (10 seconds in each position)

Advanced 2 students:

  • Remember 3 sets of crunches
  • 20 pushups
  • Long splits and straddle stretch

Bok Giks

Practice Bok Giks for your belt level (you should know the same number of bok giks as you do katas)

Stationary Moves (ten each side)

Roundhouse Kicks

Back Kicks

Advanced 2 students: Walking Heel Kicks

Cardio (30-60 seconds for each exercise)

  • Bear Crawls (Crawl on hands and feet)
  • Set up obstacles or tunnels to crawl around or through
  • Fast alternating kicks above belt level
  • Fast alternating punches using Punching Bag, Pillow, Pad or any acceptable target in house.