[Week of April 13, 2020] Kinder Karate

April 14, 2020by pendokarate


Stretch/Warm Up (10 seconds in each position)

Combinations 1, 2, and 3

Practice all Combinations 5 times on each sideĀ 

  • Combination 1: high block, front punch
  • Combination 2: middle block, front punch
  • Combination 3: low block, front kick

See combinations video for details

Stationary Moves (ten on each side)

Knee Strikes

  • Start in a right long stance (right leg back, front knee bent, hands up)
  • Lift up the right knee to above belt level, and place right foot back down in the right long stance
  • Repeat on left side

Cardio (30 seconds for each exercise)

  • Bear Crawls (Crawl on hands and feet)
  • Set up obstacles or tunnels to crawl around or through
  • Fast alternating kicks above belt levelĀ 
  • Fast alternating punches using Punching Bag, Pillow, Pad, or any acceptable target in house.