[Week of May 4, 2020] Intermediate 1/2

May 4, 2020by pendokarate
  • Stretch/Warm Up (10 seconds in each position)
      • See Stretch video 
  • Katas
      •  Practice all katas for your belt level (review the kata videos)
        • Focus on proper stances!
        • Remember to hit hard!
  • Create Your Own Combinations
      • Remember, combinations start with a block followed by striking moves. 
      • Practice your combinations at least 5 times on each side.
  • Create Your Own Kata
    • Remember, katas follow the same pattern of blocks and strikes.
    • Practice your kata 2-3 times.
  • Cardio (60 seconds)
    • Fast alternating punches using Punching Bag, Pillow, Pad, or any acceptable target in your house.
    • Bear Crawls (crawl on hands and feet)
      • Set up obstacles to crawl around or under
    • Fast alternating knee strikes
    • Choose your own activity (jump rope, hula hoop, jogging, jumping, push ups, etc.)