[Week of May 26, 2020] Kinder Karate

May 26, 2020by pendokarate
  • Stretch/Warm Up (10 seconds in each position)
      • See stretch video¬†
    • Katas
      • Practice Kata 1 twice (Kinder students only need to know the first 8 moves of Kata 1)
      • Practice it one time slowly, and one time as fast as you can!
    • Cardio (30 seconds for each exercise)
      • Sprints
        • Sprint using your driveway, front yard, back yard, or other open space outside.
      • Vertical Jumps
        • Touch your toes, then lift your arms up above your head and jump as high as you can.
      • Squat and Punches
        • Standing with feet shoulder-width apart, bend at the knees as if you are going to sit in a chair. Then, straighten your knees and send out a front punch with your right hand.
        • Repeat on the left side.
      • Figure Eights
        • Set up two cones or other obstacles. Run around them in a figure 8.
  • Ending Stretch
    • Complete the first part of the warm-up stretch. Include straddle split and side splits.