Our Key Goals for Ages 3-4


Students are motivated towards a happy and healthy future in a safe environment.


Focusing on the most essential fundamentals, students build a strong and permanent foundation of Martial Arts.


Through Karate, children are able to learn through tactile activities and drills, such as obstacle courses, on-line drills, and punching bags.


By being engaged through fun activities and drills, children can learn how to listen to better learn.




Our Kinder Karate Teachers


Sensei Nick Gargiulo

Sensei Nick has been studying Karate and Martial Art for 30 years. He holds black belts in Tang Soo Do and Isshin Fu and has been teaching for more than 20 years.


Sifu Tyler Cleveland

Sifu Tyler Cleveland has been training in Pendo Karate for more than 20 years and he has served as an instructor for more than 12 years. Dedicated and artistic, Sifu Tyler is a strong role-model who brings positive and dedicated training ethics to all our classes.


Sensei Jaclyn Bacarrella

Sensei Jaclyn Baccarella is one of Pendo Karate’s highest ranking and most effective instructors. She possesses strong teaching skills, and valuable experience as a professional educator. Jaclyn is serious about her work, and she is highly personable, kind and respectful to all.


What do they say about us?

My 8 year old son has been attending Sensei Nick’s Karate program since he was 4 years old. He started while he was a student at Goddard. I can’t say enough how much I love this program. Sensei Nick is fun and approachable while still being a thorough instructor. He pays attention to what is happening in class and knows when to push students harder and when to let them digest new information.

Elaine B.

Pendo Karate has been more than I could have asked for in a martial arts program for my son. The balance of teaching self-discipline and character along with enthusiasm and encouragement for the students, develops the body, mind, and spirit. Pendo’s focus on the development of each individual child has helped build confidence, discipline and perseverance in my sons.

Elizabeth Allen

Finn is a very different little boy today than he was when he started at Pendo, thanks to your patient persistence in working with him for the past three years. Today, Finn is able to restrain himself, be still, listen, demonstrate appropriate respect for Senseis and teachers alike, control/direct his large muscle movement, and – oh, yeah – do some actual karate. Thank you, Pendo!

Carolyn and Greg Meier

We have nothing but positive things to say about Pendo Karate. Our son has the best time there and is learning so much! The staff is very friendly and welcoming. We love Pendo Karate!

Lindsey Mather

My kids look forward to Karate each week. They have gained confidence from it. I can’t say enough good things about all the instructors and the facility.

Lori McBride


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